Republican Larry Elder concedes in the California recall election, hints at a run against Newsom in 2022.


Republican Larry Elder concedes in the California recall election, hints at a run against Newsom in 2022.

Late Tuesday, conservative talk radio commentator Larry Elder surrendered the California recall election to Democrat Gavin Newsom, who received 63.9 percent of the vote against the recall.

Prior to Tuesday’s election, Elder would not say whether he could accept the results, while a campaign-affiliated website encouraged visitors to “sign a petition to stop the fraud of the California recall election,” and former President Donald Trump called the election “totally rigged” in a statement released Tuesday.

Elder was the frontrunner in a group of 46 candidates vying to succeed Newsom. For those who voted “yes” on the recall, he received 46.9% of the vote. Kevin Paffrath, a Democrat, won 9.8% of the vote, while Kevin Faulconer, a Republican, received 8.6%.

“We have lost the battle, but we are going to win the war,” Elder assured his followers Tuesday night. The Republican advised the crowd to “keep tuned,” implying a rematch with Newsom, who is set to compete for re-election in 2022.

“Stay tuned,” Elder says of the California recall.

Elder encouraged his supporters to be “gracious in loss.”

He’s no stranger to controversy, having spoken out against the minimum wage, gun control regulations, and climate change as a “crock.”

Elder, who is Black, has also said that fatherless families increase crime in Black areas and that African-American leaders exaggerate discrimination.

He also blamed former President Barack Obama for George Floyd’s death, claiming that he should have pushed individuals to “comply with police” in order to avoid being shot. Elder has also said that racial divides are exaggerated and that institutional racism does not exist.

He focused much of his address on Tuesday on Newsom’s handling of the state’s rising crime rates, homeless issue, and soaring housing expenses. Elder has criticized Newsom’s handling of the epidemic, claiming that his main campaign pledge was to repeal Newsom’s vaccine and mask regulations.

“This is what we’re up against: growing crime, deteriorating public school quality,” he remarked. “Rolling brownouts,” says the narrator. Water scarcity… I can’t think of anything this man has done in the last two years to merit another term in office.” Elder went on to say.

Elder is certain that his campaign will push the Democrats to reverse course. “Right now, we’re pressuring them to pay attention to the issue of homelessness. We’re now pressuring them to improve their school performance,” Elder told the Associated Press.

Californians voted NO on the recall and YES to… Science tonight.

Women’s rights are important.

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