Merseysiders are “disgusted” after the deputy refuses to vote for free school meals for poor children.


Southport MP Damien Moore voted against a motion that would pay 80% of income to people forced out of work by barriers instead of the 67% currently offered.

People have expressed their “disgust” after a Merseyside MP failed to support an offer of free school meals for the poorest children during school vacations and increased the amount paid to people in our region on vacations.

Damien Moore also voted against a proposal to give the workers on leave 80% of their previous income.

Several other conservative backbenchers supported the calls to provide vouchers, but Mr. Moore was not one of them.

He also abstained yesterday in the House of Commons on Labour’s motion to extend free school meals for the poorest children over the coming term break. The motion fell by 261 votes to 322-a government majority of 61.

Level 3 restrictions currently apply to the Liverpool City region, which includes his constituency.

Many people living throughout the Liverpool City region have used the social media to discuss his decision to abstain on the request for free school meals.

Dan Dawson twittered: “Courageous to treat his own constituency with such contempt.

Hilary Hewitt wrote: “It is disgusting. Children can starve to death, but MPs get a raise?”

David Sweeney said: “Child care is what part of our taxes should be paid for. We take care of the weakest in society.”

Although his constituency is subject to the toughest restrictions, Mr. Moore voted against the motion.

The Labour Party’s motion for “just” economic support for areas under Covid restrictions also fell yesterday.

It said: “Eighty per cent of wages earned their living in everyday life, while they were considered ‘feasible’. This was far from ideal, but it meant that essential bills and rent could be paid.

Kelly Bond, manager of the Ra bar and restaurant in Southport, said she was “extremely disappointed” by her local MP.

“When I get 67% of my salary as a single person, I can’t even pay for the most basic things. I can only imagine the burden this will place on larger family units with children or relatives.

“I am very disappointed with [Damien Moore’s] vote, especially after the alleged support and concern he has allegedly received about his reports in the social media”.


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