Liverpool “treated with contempt” for refusing to block circuit breakers


Kim Johnson, Dan Carden, Paula Barker, Ian Byrne and Maria Eagle have all signed the letter, which also calls on the government to provide further information and support to local councils to help control the virus and protect the economy.

The five Liverpool City Councillors have attacked the government for not ordering the circuit breaker to be shut down after scientific papers published yesterday showed that such a move had been recommended weeks ago.

Liverpool’s parliamentarians have stated that the ministers have not revealed that scientific advisers had called for action weeks ago.

They said: “We now know that the Chief Medical Officer, Chris Whitty, is ‘not confident’ that Level 3 measures will be sufficient to control the virus, and that SAGE recommended that ministers block the ‘circuit breakers’ three weeks ago. Four weeks ago, the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, called for a ‘circuit breaker’ in Liverpool to stop the rapid spread of the virus.

In the statement, the MPs said the ministers had not revealed that scientific advisers had called for the circuit breaker to be shut down weeks ago, even if they had asked for it directly.

The new measures across the region are due to come into force tomorrow, after the six districts in the Liverpool City region have been classified in Tier 3, the highest level of the government’s new coronavirus warning system.

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“At a recent meeting with Secretary of State for Health, Matt Hancock, these facts were not even presented to MPs and local leaders under special questioning. We were kept in the dark and not told the whole truth about the scientific advice the government received.

“Our city is treated with contempt.”

In a series of requests, the deputies asked the government for more information about the reasons for switching off circuit breakers and for support for the region.

These include:

The statement continues with repeated calls from City Council Chairman and Subway Mayor Steve Rotheram for continued support for our region to help workers and local authorities get the virus under control and prevent economic collapse.

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“For our communities to have confidence in these decisions, and given the enormous personal sacrifices expected of them, they need to know that the government is following the scientific evidence.

It states: “We need to be sure that the measures taken by the government will achieve the objectives of slowing the spread of the virus, protecting the NHS and safeguarding lives and livelihoods.

“People also need security. Without adequate financial support, Liverpool runs the risk of being pulled back into the 1980s”.


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