Liverpool deputies announce as ministers 10 minutes before a critical meeting in blind flight.


Health Secretary Matt Hancock kept parliamentarians waiting impatiently for the zoom session, and ECHO knows that some could not attend while others tried to take the train.

According to reports, MPs representing hundreds of thousands of people in the Liverpool City area were warned of coronavirus restrictions just 10 minutes before a critical meeting.

Health Minister Matt Hancock was accused of “insulting” people in the Liverpool City Region.

The Minister of Health then explained the measures that are to come into force for the region on Wednesday – as well as some details about the type of support the region will receive.

One member of parliament described the situation as “an insult to the people we represent, who will be massively affected by these changes”.

He said that the new laws will make social activities illegal – while people will be discouraged from travelling anywhere in the city region or in and out of the city region.

As far as we know, he confirmed plans to close pubs, bookmakers and gyms throughout the region – but said that restaurants and pubs serving a “substantial” amount of food may remain open under the existing guidance.

The MPs were told that the Liverpool City Region will be the only area in the country currently on the top tier of the government’s new blocking system.

The region’s parliamentarians were also informed of the package of financial support that the government will make available to the entire region for the six-month period during which these restrictions are expected to remain in place.

ECHO understands that parliamentarians were informed that only £14 million would be offered to all six districts in the region to assist in assisting those in need and testing, while a further £14 million was offered to help with compliance and enforcement.

They added: “The impact on mental health will be huge for the communities targeted by the interventions but not receiving support. This keeps me up at night thinking about how we can protect our communities”.

Another Regional Councillor said the offer amounted to “putting a band-aid on a broken leg”.

The government has stated that it will not change its plan to offer a reduced vacation package to workers in the region affected by the forced closures – with two-thirds of wages being paid instead of the 80 percent package that applied nationwide during the nationwide lockdown in the spring.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson will outline his plans for the new phased closure system in the Commons this afternoon, before addressing the country in a televised press conference this evening.

A local MP told ECHO: “Some people here are only a paycheck away from poverty, you will not get compliance if people are about to lose their jobs or homes”.


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