ITV GMB fans are furious when Jeremy Hunt sides with the government over free school meals.


On the 177th day of the government’s boycott of the popular breakfast program, the former Minister of Health spoke live from London via video link with GMB presenters Kate Garraway and Charlotte Hawkins.

Good Morning Britain viewers were very angry today after an interview with Jeremy Hunt.

The former Minister of Health said he had “enormous sympathy” for football star Marcus Rashford’s campaign, but voted against free school meals for children.

Tory MPs voted against extending a program to provide free school meals for eligible children during school vacations, inspired by a memorable campaign by Manchester United and English soccer star Marcus Rashford.

He was asked how he had voted on offers to extend free school meals.

The MP said: “I voted on this with the government. It is incredibly difficult because everyone has enormous sympathy for what Marcus Rashford is advocating.

Labour’s motion calling for an extension of the school vacation scheme until Easter 2021 was rejected by 261 votes to 322.

Jeremy Hunt said he had “sided with the government”.

He added: “But we have not quite reached that point yet. I think the chancellor is very generous.”

“I think we have to wait and see where we stand over the Christmas holidays. If we find ourselves in a predicament, if families living at the subsistence level need additional help, I think the Members of Parliament and the Chancellor will be very understanding.

Many viewers were unimpressed by Mr. Hunt’s attitude and used Twitter to share their thoughts.

said Matt: “A shame. This Tory government will go down in history as one of the worst that has ever been said”.

Mark said, “You shouldn’t have to look twice or think twice, it should be a PRIORITY.

Fiona commented, “Shame on you.”

Brian said, “What a nice guy, Jeremy Hunt votes for keeping kids hungry.”

Twitter user @Dorset_Owl said: “Mr Hunt “should be ashamed of himself”.


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