Is Joe Biden Really An 18-Wheeler Truck Driver? The Reality of the President’s Claims


Is Joe Biden Really An 18-Wheeler Truck Driver? The Reality of the President’s Claims

Following President Joe Biden’s recent claim that he once drove an 18-wheeler truck, skeptics have surfaced. As the White House apparently tried to support the assertion, eyebrows were raised even further.

Biden can be heard saying in a video uploaded on Twitter that he “used to drive an 18-wheeler.” RNC Research released the footage following the president’s visit to a Mack Truck factory in Pennsylvania. Biden may also be heard changing his sentence to “I got to” by the end of the short footage.

When FOX News asked if Biden had ever driven an 18-wheeler, a White House spokeswoman reportedly provided a 1973 article from the Wilmington Evening Journal in which Biden was seen riding an 18-wheeler to Ohio. He was not, however, behind the steering wheel.

According to the Wilmington Evening Journal, RNC Director Zach Parkinson claimed there was “zero proof” that Biden ever drove an 18-wheeler, and that the president’s sole “trucking experience” was when he rode in the truck.

FOX then inquired about the subject with a White House representative, who directed the network to a post by the United Federation of Teachers mentioning Biden’s summer employment driving a school bus. According to SchoolBusFleet, a school bus only has “six total wheels.”

Meanwhile, following last week’s CNN town hall, during which he apparently struggled to provide meaningful answers, Biden has been chastised in recent days.

Many of the 78-year-old president’s answers “were absolutely incoherent,” according to “Hannity” host Sean Hannity, who also said the town hall appearance was a “unmitigated disaster.”

According to Hannity, Biden “doesn’t seem to have a good handle on any topics of any importance,” noting the president’s remarks on the border problem and the latter’s comments on inflation.

Last month, 14 House Republicans, led by former White House doctor Rep. Ronny Jackson, addressed a letter to Biden’s office demanding that the president take a cognitive test to demonstrate his mental clarity.

The Republicans wrote in the letter, “Unfortunately, your forgetfulness and cognitive deficiencies have been conspicuously on exhibit throughout the past year.” The White House announced in May that the results of Biden’s physical checkup, which will take place later this year, would be made public.


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