Hillary Clinton gives New Yorker vote in the electoral college


On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton, who lost the race for the White House to Donald Trump four years ago, said she will have a voice in Electoral College, the body that elects the U.S. president, this year.

“I am a voter in New York,” Clinton told SiriusXM radio show “Signal Boost.

New York has 29 votes in the 538-member electoral college that determines the winner of the White House race, not the popular vote.

Clinton won 2.8 million more votes than Trump in 2016, but lost in the electoral college, whose members are party dignitaries or elected officials and are generally required to cast their votes in accordance with the popular vote in their respective states.

“I’m sure I’ll be voting for Joe (Biden) and Kamala (Harris) in New York, so this is pretty exciting,” Clinton said.

The former First Lady and Secretary of State also said she was concerned that there might not be a clear result in the White House race between Democrats Biden and Trump on Election Day.

“I am concerned, however, that we will not have a final result for a few days, if not longer,” she said.

Clinton also said she could not imagine Trump winning the election.

“I cannot imagine him being re-elected after the damage he has done, and I cannot imagine another four years of this abuse and destruction,” she said.


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