Free vouchers for school meals are now available for children in Liverpool.


Liverpool Council announced last week that it will be issuing vouchers to the families of 20,000 young people across the city who are entitled to free school meals to help them through half the school year.

Meal vouchers for Liverpool children during the mid-term vacations are now available.

The plan was announced last week by Mayor Joe Anderson.

Liverpool City Council itself has now received more than £14,000 in donations from citizens to fund its mid-term meal voucher scheme.

Following the vote, massive public efforts were made to feed children in need. Restaurants, cafés and stores across the country have vowed to provide lunches to needy children, and public donations have also skyrocketed.

This move came after the government failed to support a Labour Party motion for free school lunches for children during the first half of the legislature in a vote in Parliament, despite the support of footballer and child poverty campaigner Marcus Rashford MBE.

The instructions on the Council’s website read: “If your child attends a school in Liverpool and is entitled to vouchers for free school meals during the first half of October 2020, you will receive a text or e-mail from your school.

The Council said that the vouchers would be available for families to pick up from Wednesday.

It said that parents whose children receive free school meals should be able to pick them up at children’s centers in the city.

“The vouchers will be available for collection at Liverpool’s Children’s Centers from Wednesday, October 28th, but please follow the instructions in the text or email from your school. You must have the text or e-mail with you when you pick up the vouchers.

Parents who have questions about the vouchers are advised to contact their child’s school directly.

“If you live in Liverpool and your child goes to school outside the city, you must also bring a document such as a recent utility bill as proof of your address.

If you believe that your child is entitled to free school meals but is not receiving them, the Council warns that you must register via a link on its website before attempting to access vouchers.

Your child can receive free school meals if you use any of the services listed below:

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