Fitness studios in Greater Manchester did not have to close despite Tier 3 restrictions.


It is the youngest region to be placed under the most stringent measures, after Liverpool and Lancashire, both of which were placed in the “very high” risk category.

The Greater Manchester area will join Liverpool under new Tier 3 restrictions from Friday at 00.01.

The Liverpool City region remains the only Tier 3 site where gyms have been forced to close.

However, unlike in the Liverpool City region, Boris Johnson has not included gyms in the list of companies being ordered to close their doors.

Other parts of the hospitality industry will also have to close under the new measures, the Prime Minister announced on Tuesday.

Many of the Tier 3 restrictions in Greater Manchester will be similar to those in Liverpool, such as bars and pubs that will have to close if they do not provide “substantial” meals.

It seems to mean that, as in Lancashire, which is also classified in Tier 3, gyms may remain open.

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The government is “actively pursuing” complaints about the closure of gyms in the Liverpool City area, as far as ECHO knows.

However, other amusement facilities will be forced to close in line with the “additional measures in Lancashire”, the Prime Minister confirmed.

There is anger across the region that the level 3 restrictions here have meant the forced closure of gymnasiums and amusement centers, with different rules applying to other areas falling under the same level.

Liverpool City Region officials have written to Boris Johnson to immediately investigate why their gyms are being treated differently from other regions and to provide any scientific evidence to support this decision.

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In their letter, the regional leaders said that if the government did not provide evidence, local leaders should be given the power to reopen gyms if they feel it is safe to do so.

ECHO believes that Downing Street has now responded to the letter to say that it is actively addressing the issues raised.


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