Democrats Unveil New Voting Rights Protection Bill.


Democrats Unveil New Voting Rights Protection Bill.

The Freedom to Vote Act, which aims to restore the rights of 5.2 million voters, is due to be introduced by Senate Democrats.

The bill makes it easier to register to vote, sets a 15-day early voting deadline, declares election day a federal holiday, prohibits gerrymandering, mandates automatic voter registration, and begins same-day voting registration at all polling locations in 2024, requiring a wide range of documents to qualify as proof of identification.

After reaching an agreement with Sen. Manchin on the bill, a group of Senate Democrats unveils new voting rights legislation that focuses on expanding voter access, improving election integrity, and fostering civil participation.

“If we go into the midterm elections with the state laws that are being passed around the country, the Democrats will lose control of the Senate and the House, and we will lose our ability to vote entirely. So now it’s do or die,” says @TheRevAl.

Convicts’ voting rights will be restored once their term expires, and counties will be required to provide one dropbox for every 15,000 ballots cast.

“We have witnessed unprecedented attacks on our democracy in states around the country following the 2020 elections, in which more Americans voted than ever before,” said Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., head of the Senate Rules Committee.

“These attacks need an immediate federal response,” she continued, noting that the law would “set basic national standards to ensure that all Americans can vote in the method that is most convenient for them, regardless of their zip code.”

The Senate bill comes at a time when states like Georgia have recently approved voter identification laws that limit the number of drop boxes and reduce the amount of time voters have to request an absentee ballot.

Following Donald Trump’s loss to Vice President Joe Biden, which included multiple allegations of unverified voter fraud, this will make it more difficult for individuals to vote.

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said, “The right to vote is important to our Democracy, and the Freedom to Vote Act is a step in the right direction toward securing that right for every American.” “As elected officials, we also have a responsibility to restore faith in our democracy, and I believe that the bill’s commonsense elements, such as flexible voter ID requirements, will achieve just that.”

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