CDU: Philipp Amthor again direct candidate for Bundestag elections.


The CDU young star Amthor has been nominated almost unanimously as a direct candidate for the upcoming Bundestag elections. The 27-year-old had recently come under criticism for lobbying for a US company.

The CDU politician Philipp Amthor will run again as a direct candidate in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania for the 2021 federal elections. A CDU general meeting nominated the 27-year-old on Saturday for constituency 16 (Mecklenburg Lake District I – Vorpommern-Greifswald II), as a CDU spokesman said after the event in a tennis hall in Torgelow.

Of 44 votes cast, 43 were for Amthor, and there was also one abstention. Amthor was the only candidate. According to the speaker, 45 CDU members from the region were present. Due to the Corona pandemic, many had given up the trip to Torgelow. There are about 1000 CDU members in the region.

Amthor, who comes from Ueckermünde, had directly won the constituency in the last federal election in 2017. The CDU young star had recently come under so much criticism for lobbying for a New York start-up that he withdrew his candidacy for the state CDU presidency. Amthor had campaigned for the U.S. company Augustus Intelligence and received stock options in return. He had declared that he had ended the cooperation in the meantime. The Bundestag did not see any violations of the law in the secondary occupation.



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