Berlin: Police investigate after CDU election campaign with Lamborghini.


Following a controversial CDU election campaign campaign against clan crime in Berlin-Neukölln, the police have initiated investigations. The symbolically towed sports car had neither a license plate nor a corresponding seal.

An election campaign action of the Berlin CDU with a rented Lamborghini has called the police into action. Investigations into the misuse of license plates have been initiated, a police spokesman said on Friday. He thereby confirmed media reports.
Berlin’s CDU had presented their plan to fight clan crime in the Neukölln district on Thursday. On the Lamborghini with bullet holes glued on it the slogan “Criminal clans belong on Netflix. Not on Berlin’s streets”. The sports car was symbolically towed away. The license plate read “B YE BYE” (English for “Goodbye!”).
The police spokesman said that it was not a license plate number, nor was a seal visible. In the proceedings, the suspicion of a criminal offence is being investigated. A report was received through the police’s Internet watchdog.
CDU state leader Kai Wegner wants to become governing mayor of Berlin in the election in a year’s time. With a campaign against criminal clan members, the politician is trying to advertise his course.
“The updated CDU plan calls for criminal prosecution of criminal children as young as twelve years of age,” reported “rbb24” on Thursday. So far, the age of criminal responsibility began at the age of 14. “In addition, acts committed in the environment of criminal extended family members should be defined as gang-like offences, which could increase penalties.

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