Although the United States abandoned Trump’s border wall, Poland intends to construct one to keep migrants out.


Although the United States abandoned Trump’s border wall, Poland intends to construct one to keep migrants out.

According to a draft bill currently being debated by parliamentarians, Poland intends to erect a wall along its border with Belarus to deter migrants from attempting to cross.

According to CNN, the border wall will cost 1.6 billion zlotys ($404 million) to build. The draft bill was announced as German police reported an increase in migrants illegally entering Germany, which is a favorite asylum seeking destination.

Migrants cross the Belarus-Poland border first, then travel west via Poland and into Germany. To improve border security, the new wall is anticipated to contain cameras and motion sensors. After engineering documentation is completed, the actual budget monies should be available.

The alleged inhumane treatment of migrants at the Belarus-Polish border has been criticized. In August, Poland began constructing a barbed-wire barrier along its border with Belarus.

Since early September, Poland has proclaimed a state of emergency on the Belarus border. The emergency declaration by Poland restricts people’s movements along the Belarus border. Large gatherings in the vicinity have also been restricted.

According to the BBC, Poland has accused Belarus of allowing migrants to fly there on the false promise of lawful entrance into the European Union. The EU has also accused Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko of orchestrating the surge of refugees into the region in retribution for sanctions imposed over presidential election issues.

Marcin Przydacz, Poland’s deputy foreign minister, described the border scenario as “a form of weaponization of migration.” The claims were refuted by Lukashenko.

The “Council of Ministers has just adopted a measure on the establishment of state border security, proposed by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration,” according to a translation of a tweet by Mariusz Kaminski, the Polish Minister of Interior and Administration, on the bill.

The draft has been forwarded to the Polish parliament, the Sejm, and will take effect one day following publication in the Polish Journal of Law, according to Kaminski. Other countries have had success with similar obstacles, according to Kaminski.

Humanitarian groups, on the other hand, have chastised Poland for sending some refugees back into Belarus rather than properly assessing whether their asylum claims are valid, according to NPR.

Machado Pujol, a migrant, told the publication that Polish border guards sent him back to Belarus twice, where he was allegedly beaten up with metal pipes by Belarusian soldiers. “In a game between Poland and Belarus, we’re like footballs.” Nobody wants us,” he says. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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