Agents on Trump’s infamous COVID-19 limo ride had already been infected with the virus: Book


Agents on Trump’s infamous COVID-19 limo ride had already been infected with the virus: Book

According to a new book, the Secret Service members who accompanied former President Donald Trump on his infamous drive-by in 2020 were already diagnosed with COVID-19.

The Secret Service agents who accompanied Trump in the surprise limo ride already had some protection after recovering from a previous coronavirus illness, according to a new book by Wall Street Journal reporter Michael Bender titled “Frankly We Did Win This Election.”

Trump, who was being treated for COVID-19 at the time, came under fire after making a surprise drive-by visit to supporters waiting outside the Walter Reed military medical center in October of last year.

In the presidential limo, at least two Secret Service officials wearing respirators and eye protection accompanied the former president during the drive-by. As The Guardian noted, opponents slammed Trump for putting the officers in danger, with one doctor calling the stunt “crazy.”

“For the purpose of political theater. Trump ordered them to sacrifice their lives for the sake of show. “This is insane,” James Phillip, a Walter Reed attending physician, had said.

According to information obtained by watchdog group CREW under the Freedom of Information Act in June, nearly 900 Secret Service agents and personnel were diagnosed with COVID-19 between March 1, 2020, and March 9, 2021.

There were 881 active employees among the 900 people who tested positive. 477 Special Agents, 249 from the Uniformed Division, 131 in Administrative, Professional, or Technical roles, 12 Investigative Protection Officers, and 12 Technical Security Investigators were among the figures. The employment information was not specified in the documents.

According to sources, during Trump’s presidency, he and then-Vice President Mike Pence routinely disobeyed COVID-19 safety protocols. Both organized large-scale rallies at which the majority of people disobeyed public health officials’ mask-wearing and social distancing instructions.

The White House also relied heavily on COVID-19 quick tests, which produced both false positive and negative results. Trump, on the other hand, stopped taking his daily COVID-19 test, assuming he was safe because his staff was being tested, according to Bender’s book.

Former First Lady Melania Trump and then-White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany were among the Trump officials who eventually tested positive for the new coronavirus.


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