A “top up” vacation program is to be introduced in the Liverpool City region.


Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram said details of a “topping up” program for local vacations would be announced tomorrow as new restrictions would be imposed on companies already affected by closure measures earlier this year.

A local vacation scheme will be introduced in our region as the Tier 3 restrictions start today.

Pubs, bars, gyms and betting shops are among the companies that will have to close as of today.

However, he said the region will act immediately to support businesses.

Metro Mayor Rotheram and the heads of the city region’s districts today wrote to the government asking for additional financial support for businesses and residents of the region.

Pubs, bars, gymnasiums and betting shops are among the companies that have to close as of today.

“Less than two weeks ago, we announced the only local program in the country to help companies affected by the Tier 2 restrictions at the time. We have put up to 40 million pounds into an emergency stop gap program.

During a press conference with his Greater Manchester counterpart, Andy Burnham, Subway Mayor Rotheram said: “While we are waiting to see if we can get these further concessions from the government by working with them in the best interests of the lives and livelihoods of our urban region, we will get down to work locally.

“We will not simply wait for them to do it. If the government does not act to protect local jobs and businesses, we will.

“Now that we are in Tier 3, we are facing a number of challenges and constraints that will impact the economy. That’s why we will announce a revised contingency planning system to bridge any gaps, to reflect the fact that we are now in Tier 3.

This system, which pays two-thirds of an employee’s salary, as opposed to the 80% available earlier this year, has been described as “furlough lite” by the Mayor of Metro Rotheram.

Metro Mayor Rotheram said the new system aims to improve the vacation program announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak earlier this month.

He warned that under the current conditions, many suspended workers in the hospitality industry would not earn a living wage and that companies would be forced to close.

Metro Mayor Rotheram said: “We will have a local vacation and a business support program that will do what the government has failed to do.


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