‘You View Femininity As Weakness,’ Lil Nas X Slams ‘Industry Baby’ Critics


‘You View Femininity As Weakness,’ Lil Nas X Slams ‘Industry Baby’ Critics

After releasing his new music video “Industry Baby,” Lil Nas X responded to homophobic insults he received over the weekend.

On Sunday, Nas X, 22, attacked a Twitter user who dubbed him a “super spreader” who spreads AIDS to young males.

The artist responded, “Y’all be silent as hell when ni–as dedicate their entire music library to rapping about sleeping with several women.”

“However, when I do anything even sexual, I’m being “sexually irresponsible” and “causing more guys to die from Aids,” and y’all don’t conceal their hatred for homosexual people.”

After releasing a teaser in which he played all of the important characters, including the judge, the defendant, and the gay client, the singer released his music video on July 23.

Nas X’s latest video, according to another Twitter user, indicates “the black males are extra feminine and the white male is cool with the girl in jail lol I mean cmon now this is so evident… Black guys are being emasculated and attacked in such a nasty way.”

The artist retweeted the post to emphasize that there is “no attack” at all. “You see femininity as a sign of weakness. You despise gay black men because you fear that black males as a whole would be perceived as weak. You cling to your manhood because you don’t have anything else to fall back on.”

One of the users claimed the singer should follow in the footsteps of other LGBT artists and be less upfront about his sexuality in a now-deleted tweet.

Those musicians, according to the singer, “had to disguise their sexuality throughout the most of their careers.” You seem to respect gay artists only when the gay aspect is hidden. You despise me because I embrace my sexuality rather than hiding it and never speaking about it for your sake.”

Since June 30, 2019, when he openly disclosed that he is gay, the musician has been generating news regarding his sexuality. Previously, the musician was chastised for passionately kissing a male dancer on stage during his BET Awards performance last month.


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