Yes, J-Hope did indeed eat butter pads for BTS’ music video.


Yes, J-Hope did indeed eat butter pads for BTS’ music video.

One BTS participant, according to RM, ate butter for an hour to perfect a scene for the group’s music video. J-Hope was a dancer, guitarist, rapper, and songwriter who performed under the name J-Hope.

Here’s what we had to say about their upcoming album, “Butter,” and J-solo Hope’s scene in the YouTube video that broke all records.

In May 2021, BTS released their single “Butter.”

BTS debuted the vivid music video for their song “Butter” just months after the release of the music videos for “Life Goes On” and “Dynamite.”

“As of midnight EST, ‘Butter’ had received an estimated 112.855 million views on YouTube, making it the highest first-day view count of all time,” according to Forbes. (The most recent video to bear the title was BTS’ “Dynamite” from 2020.)

The members showed off some fun dance moves and new clothes in this 2021 release, and one scene featured a rapper from the group called J-Hope.

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For BTS’ ‘Butter’ music video, J-Hope ate butter.

BTS members sat down for a live stream with fans to celebrate the success of their latest single and music video. These artists watched their music video for the first time, complete with food, beverages, and props, and made remarks along the way.

J-Hope was seen chewing on a butter pad in one of the final scenes of the music video. The rest of the group turned to the rapper and inquired about his experience filming the scene for the food-themed album. He was munching on real butter, it turned out. Several times, the idol had to shoot himself eating it.

According to a fan translation of the YouTube video, RM said, “J-Hope ate butter for about an hour.” “Hyung, be frank, how does…?” Jungkook inquired. This is a condensed version of the plot. I hope you found it entertaining.


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