Wolé Parks, star of ‘Superman & Lois,’ truly believed he was playing Lex Luthor.


Wolé Parks, star of ‘Superman & Lois,’ truly believed he was playing Lex Luthor.

Captain Luthor’s true identity as the superhero Steel was revealed in Superman & Lois. Fans were taken aback by the news, but Wolé Parks was taken aback as well. The actor imagined he’d be playing the Arrowverse’s next Lex Luthor when he signed on to The CW series.

Captain Luthor is revealed to be Steel in ‘Superman & Lois.’

Superman and Lois introduced a new superhero to the Arrowverse in episode 7. Captain Luthor (Wolé Parks) was revealed to be John Henry Irons, alias Steel, an alternate Earth visitor out to assassinate Superman (Tyler Hoechlin).

Steel is a superhero who originally debuted in The Adventures of Superman #500 in 1993. Dr. John Henry Irons is a brilliant weapons engineer who, after Superman’s death, constructs a high-tech suit and becomes a Metropolis superhero.

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Where Did ‘Superman & Lois’ Take Place?

Irons hails from a parallel Earth where a villainous Superman murdered his wife, Lois Lane, in the show (Bitsie Tulloch). He flies to Clark and Lois’ Earth, believing that all versions of Superman are a menace, and seeks to kill Superman.

Wolé Parks, star of ‘Superman & Lois,’ auditioned for the role of Lex Luthor.

When Parks first auditioned for Superman & Lois, he mistook himself for the series’ antagonist. He told EW, “It was fascinating because when I initially auditioned, it was Lex Luthor.” “There was a phony name on the audition paper, like Mark Smith or something, but you could tell.”

The actor was ecstatic to play such a renowned figure because he is a huge admirer of the DC mythology. But after landing the role, showrunner Todd Helbing called Parks and told him he’d be playing a major DC superhero instead.

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