Wolé Parks Is DC’s New Steel In ‘Superman & Lois’


Wolé Parks Is DC’s New Steel In ‘Superman & Lois’

The CW’s Arrowverse gets a new superhero in Episode 7 of Superman & Lois. Wolé Parks’ character, previously known as Captain Luthor, has been revealed as John Henry Irons, a.k.a. Steel, a DC superhero. Here’s everything we know about Steel so far, and what fans can look forward to as the season progresses.

In DC Comics, who is John Henry Irons / Steel?

Parks debuted as John Henry Irons, aka Steel, in Superman & Lois episode 7, “Man of Steel.” The Adventures of Superman #500, published by DC in 1993, was the debut appearance of the superhero.

Dr. John Henry Irons is a weapons engineer who attempted to assist Superman in defeating Doomsday in the comic books. Following Superman’s death, Irons developed a high-tech suit of armor and assumed the titles Man of Steel and Steel to take his place.

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May 26, 2021 — Superman & Lois (@cwsupermanlois) What Is Project 7734 in the DC Comics? What Is Project 7734 in the DC Comics?

Irons’ suit provides him with the ability to fly, as well as endurance and strength. His weapon, a computer-guided smart hammer, can fly on its own and has exponential strength.

In the 1997 film Steel, Shaquille O’Neal portrays John Henry Irons.

Captain Luthor is revealed to be Steel by Superman and Lois.

Captain Luthor (Wolé Parks) appeared in the first few episodes of Superman & Lois as a villain hell-bent on killing Superman (Tyler Hoechlin). However, he was revealed to be John Henry Irons, a man from another Earth who lost his wife, Lois Lane (Bitsie Tulloch), at the hands of his planet’s wicked Superman in the most recent episode.

Irons traveled through space and time with the help of his daughter Natalie, determined to save the Earth. He confronts Superman and seeks to murder him, believing that he is also the end of the world.


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