With CIA Mastermind, the ‘Queen of the South’ pulls a ‘Snowfall’ move.


With CIA Mastermind, the ‘Queen of the South’ pulls a ‘Snowfall’ move.

Forget about Teresa and Pote’s chances of making it through Queen of the South; many admirers are anxiously anticipating what will happen next. The TV program is down to its final two episodes, and no one is safe. Nobody.

Teresita has been put to the test in love, business, and friendships in Season 5. Marcel is no longer alive, King George is dead, Kelly Anne is pregnant, and connections are unstable. And the most recent episode includes a surprising surprise that no one saw coming.

[This article includes spoilers for Queen of the South Season 5 Episode 8, “Everything I Touch”]

Pote is enraged in order to locate Kelly Anne is a fictional character created by Kelly Anne

Pote hasn’t gone into sicario mode in a while, but in episode 8, he does. He does everything he can to reclaim Kelly Anne, with weapons blazing and a cold heart. When the gang finds Boaz’s man, Osvaldo, they torture him to extract information.

He refuses to let up and taunts Pote about Boaz murdering Kelly Anne. Pote then kills him with a bludgeon. His rampage doesn’t stop, and it only gets worse as Boaz’s discussions go awry.

Pote goes after Boaz’s men on his own and eventually catches Kelly Anne, but it’s all part of a larger plan. And James is in possession of the key.

Pote is a man with a goal. #QueenOfTheSouth pic.twitter.com/cS66dQNeO7

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‘Queen of the South’ Season 5 Will Introduce a New Crime Boss

Teresa’s drama is being orchestrated by Devon Finch.

Teresa’s Colombian plug Castel works for the CIA, according to James. Like Snowfall, Teresa’s drug business is part of another plan. She wants to cut off Boaz’s supply, and they realize they need to clear it with Devon Finch. He hasn’t been seen in a long time, either.

At first, he’s not answering James’ calls. When Teresa and James return to her office after a shootout with… This is a condensed version of the narrative. Hope you enjoyed.


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