Willy Wonka Was a Serial Killer, According to a Fan Theory


Willy Wonka Was a Serial Killer, According to a Fan Theory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, a young adult novel, has been adapted into a film several times, and another adaptation will be released in the coming years.

Willy Wonka’s origin tale will be the subject of the latest film. Several fan theories regarding the enigmatic Wonka have developed in the years after the original film’s release. One Reddit theory is particularly ominous. Wonka isn’t merely a business owner, according to the concept. He’s a serial killer, to be sure.

Willy Wonka, according to a fan myth, was a serial killer.

On Reddit in 2017, a fan hypothesis emerged that cast Willy Wonka in a new light. According to the fan belief, Wonka was not a well-intentioned chocolate factory proprietor. Instead, they suspect he was a serial killer who used promises of riches and a private tour to entice children to his business in order to murder them.

The contest winners were doomed from the start, according to the user. Wonka built the entire factory to persuade the children to defy his wishes. The user claims that their disobedience and poor behavior justify Wonka’s treatment of them. According to the fan hypothesis, Wonka is similar to Dexter Morgan in that he only kills individuals who he believes have done wrong. Gobstopper, a fictional movie trailer from 2010, paints a similar picture.

The user claims that Willy Wonka’s golden tickets were intentionally placed.

The idea casts a bleak light on the competition that brought Charlie Bucket and the other contestants to Willy Wonka’s enchanted chocolate factory. Wonka, according to the plot, intentionally placed the tickets in the hands of the most ungrateful of children in order to ruin them one by one. A fan theory about the 1971 classic, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” casts the film in a new light.

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