Will Mariah Carey Appear in Derek Jeter’s Upcoming Documentary, “The Captain”?


Will Mariah Carey Appear in Derek Jeter’s Upcoming Documentary, “The Captain”?

When ESPN announced a six-part documentary series based on the life of former Yankees superstar Derek Jeter, it made headlines. The Captain intends to recapture the magic of Michael Jordan’s superstar-driven documentary, which debuted in 2021, based on the success of The Last Dance. With a release date set for 2022, many fans are focusing on Jeter’s former, Mariah Carey. Will she make an appearance on the show?

ESPN has announced a new Derek Jeter docuseries.

In 2022, ESPN will air a six-part series named “The Captain” about Derek Jeter.

Spike Lee serves as executive producer, and the crew includes producers from Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance.


May 18, 2021 — Talkin’ Yanks (@TalkinYanks)

The Last Dance was unlike any other athlete-centered film ever made. It had a bigger scope than OJ Simpson: Made in America, which served as a model for Jason Hehir and his team. The Last Dance wasn’t about crime, punishment, or the United States of America as a whole. It was about the Chicago Bulls, and Michael Jordan in particular. Now, ESPN has unveiled a new project centered on Jeter’s career:

“ESPN Films announced today a multi-part documentary series that will recount the narrative of one of contemporary sports’ greatest icons while also revealing the man behind the star. Derek Jeter’s arrival with the New York Yankees helped turn a faltering team into a renowned dynasty, all while New York City was undergoing significant change.”

Jeter’s performance as a jack-of-all-trades on the field made him the ideal Yankee, whose leadership overcame any flaws in the game. When you add in his off-the-field reputation as a womanizer and a playboy, it’s no surprise that fans are curious to see how The Captain looks. Jeter is synonymous with New York, having led the team through its heyday in the 1990s, the emotional post-9/11 run, and the roller coaster years that followed.

While his 20-year MLB career is enough to pique interest, the prospect of Carey discussing her infamous affair with the Yankees hitter has fans cheering even before seeing any film.

Is Mariah Carey going to be in ‘The Captain’?


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