Wi Ha-Jun, star of ‘Squid Game,’ Is Looking Forward To Season 2.


Wi Ha-Jun, star of ‘Squid Game,’ Is Looking Forward To Season 2.

Wi Ha-jun, who plays investigator Jun-ho in the hit Korean series “Squid Game,” has spoken up about his character’s fate and expressed his excitement for Season 2 of the show.

In the episode, 456 insolvent people are transported to a strange island after agreeing to participate in a children’s game in which they can win a large sum of money. They are surprised, however, to learn that those who are eliminated from the game are put to death.

In order to find his missing brother and uncover the persons behind the deadly game, the detective poses as a guard on the island.

The actor confirmed to Deadline Tuesday that he is excited for his character to return for the next season.

“I’m very curious as to what happened to him. I want him to come back alive, find his brother, and question him endlessly “‘I told the outlet,’ he said. “As a brother, I would respectfully inquire.” At the conclusion of Season 1, the detective discovers that his brother is the Front Man, the disguised figure assisting the game’s genius. He is shot by the Front Man, who then lets him fall into the ocean. It’s still unclear whether he’ll be able to make it. But, as one might anticipate, speculation about what will happen to him next has been rampant on the internet.

During the interview, Wi expressed his desire to “examine the overall secrets of the game as well” as a detective in the series.

“I truly want Jun-ho to come back to life and answer all of these things. I’m hoping to see more of their relationship’s brotherly love side as well “Further, he stated.

The 30-year-old actor also discussed the popularity of the series in South Korea. He stated that “Squid Game” has been highly welcomed in his native nation, just as it has been around the world.

“I believe the reaction will be similar in Korea,” he told Deadline. “I get bombarded with queries about my character’s fate or if they can have props from the show like the guards’ masks when I go on set for my new part.” According to the actor, a lot of people are thinking about wearing pink jumpsuits and green tracksuits like the characters in the show do.

According to Variety, “Squid Game” is now Netflix’s most popular original series. The 111 million members of the site from all over the world have seen it. The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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