Why Leni Klum is increasingly seeking the spotlight


“Bring your child to work day”, Heidi Klum wrote on Instagram a few days ago and posted a photo of herself with daughter Leni Klum in the car. The two were on their way to the shooting of “Germany’s Next Topmodel”. Fans have been speculating for some time now that the 16-year-old could appear in the casting show this year. And although Heidi Klum has always protected her children from the public eye, the move would not come as a surprise.

For several months now, Heidi Klum has been showing her daughter Leni to the public more and more often. Most recently, she took her to the GNTM shoot. There is a strategy behind this.

Because Leni Klum has her own goals. The daughter of the model and Formula 1 manager Flavio Briatore has been venturing into the limelight herself for a few months now.

The fact that her mother protected her from paparazzi for years and kept her away from her own performances could now benefit Leni Klum. Because the interest in Klum’s eldest daughter is correspondingly great.

Meanwhile she has her own verified Instagram profile, posts there regularly pictures and stories. Leni doesn’t show her face (yet), but among other things she shows pictures from a fashion shoot. Heidi Klum told the US magazine “People” that Leni has ambitions to make it in the fashion business. “The only one who wants to follow in my footsteps so far is my eldest daughter Leni,” the 47-year-old revealed. But she doesn’t want to push any of her children in any direction, the GNTM chief juror stressed at the time.

PR professional Heidi Klum is naturally aware of this. She knows exactly how to use social media and her shows to get the most attention. And she also knows that there is probably more to integrating Leni herself into public life than leaving her alone with it. If the 16-year-old gets a role in the new GNTM relay, her mother will be in charge herself, can decide for herself how much of her daughter is shown and in what light she is presented.



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