Why Did Bishop Leave NCIS?


Why Did Bishop Leave NCIS?

During the NCIS Season 18 finale, Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) made an unexpected exit. If Bishop’s departure has perplexed you, we’ll explain what happened. Here’s why Bishop departed the NCIS crew in the first place.

On ‘NCIS,’ Bishop is accused of leaking NSA documents.

Bishop was suspected of releasing confidential National Security Agency information describing a covert operation in which Syrian migrants were used as bait to entice an Al-Qaeda leader to come out of hiding. The data leak, which happened ten years ago when she was still working for the National Security Agency, appeared to end up in the hands of arms traffickers.

Bishop was defended by director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll). He advised her to return home until everything calmed down. She returned to the office, however, and claimed responsibility for the information leak. Bishop then resigned and walked out of the building. McGee pursues her to find out what occurred.

Bishop and McGee share a heart-to-heart with one other.

Bishop first states that she does not want to discuss the NSA leak, but McGee (Sean Murray) refuses to back down. McGee adds, “You and I have been through too much together to box me out like this.” Bishop chooses to speak up, expressing her dissatisfaction with the NSA’s treatment of Syrian refugees to McGee. McGee, on the other hand, does not see how arresting Al Qaeda leaders could be considered a mistake.

Bishop clarifies that capturing the leaders wasn’t the issue. The procedures employed to make the catches were not to her liking. “It’s unethical to use innocent people as pawns,” Bishop argues. McGee, on the other hand, claims that he went further into the NSA data and discovered that some of the refugees were foreign combatants using civilians as a cover. According to Bishop, the information came from a single dubious source.


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