Why Beth and Trishelle Might Become Rivals if There Is a Season 2 of ‘The Challenge: All Stars’


Why Beth and Trishelle Might Become Rivals if There Is a Season 2 of ‘The Challenge: All Stars’

Beth Stolarczyz and Trishelle Cannatella didn’t communicate much on camera during The Challenge: All-Stars, especially because the latter was eliminated early in the game. Following the reunion, the two had a Twitter exchange, hinting that if they both return for another season, they might have beef.

For ‘The Challenge: All Stars,’ Beth Stolarczyk and Trishelle Cannatella returned.

Beth Stolarczyk, a roommate on The Real World: Los Angeles, debuted in the competitive spinoff Real World/Road Rules Challenge in 1999, when she finished as a finalist. Despite becoming the squad captain and removing two frontrunners during The Gauntlet 2 (2006), the Real World star withdrew because she felt it went against her morals.

She said she left the competition because Aneesa Ferreira “bullied” her in a May 2021 tweet. Beth competed in five more seasons but never made it to the finals.

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Trishelle Cannatella, ‘The Challenge: All Stars’ Attempts to Quit Have Been Made

Trishelle Cannatella, who debuted on the first season of The Real World: Las Vegas (2002), competed in two seasons before reaching the finals of Battle of the Seasons (2012), where she finished second.

After an altercation with Aneesa, the reality star returned for Rivals II (2013) for a brief cameo. After taking several years off from The Challenge, Beth and Trishelle came back for the spinoff featuring only OG players, All-Stars.

Cast members claim Trishelle wanted to face Arissa Hill for elimination

Following the series, the cast unpacked the season and revealed behind-the-scenes information. For example, when discussing Trishelle’s fight with Katie Cooley, her longtime friend, Jemmye Carroll, explained how it escalated.

According to the veteran, several players spoke about who Trishelle wanted to face on the balcony but noted Katie didn’t say anything, which reportedly bothered the Real World:… This story is a short summary. Hope you enjoyed.


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