Why Are Scott Disick’s Fans Perplexed By His Photo Of Penelope?


Why Are Scott Disick’s Fans Perplexed By His Photo Of Penelope?

With his latest snapshot of his daughter Penelope, Scott Disick has left some admirers scratching their heads.

On Saturday, the creator of Talentless Clothing uploaded a photo of his 9-year-old daughter eating lunch in the pool on Instagram. Penelope’s takeout container, however, had “Megan” printed on the side instead of her own name, leading some of his followers to wonder who it was. One follower commented on his post, “asking the question we all want to know,” while another added, “asking the question we all want to know.”

“Scott, you can’t expect anything but a ‘who’s Megan comment,” wrote another.

“They handed her my ice cream by mistake,” one Instagram user named “Meg” remarked.

Megan was his assistant, according to the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” actress, who promptly explained the name on Penelope’s lunch. He added, “thanks for asking.”

Some fans joked that they were scared Penelope was eating Megan’s lunch, while others said they already knew “Megan” was working for Disick.

“You should have said…,” says the narrator. Please mind your own business, but thank you for asking… People are very impolite! Miss Penelope’s invasive luscious selection! She’s stunning, just like her parents!” One person made a comment.

“There is no such thing as a decent death that goes unpunished.” Another follower wrote, “I immediately realized it was your assistance.”

“I was perplexed as to why this kid stole Megan’s lunch. “Poor Megan… she’s simply hungry,” someone else added.

Over the weekend, Disick spent time with Penelope and his girlfriend Amelia Gray Hamlin. On Instagram, he uploaded some photographs from their boating trip, including one of him resting with his little kid under a blanket while kissing the top of her head.

Another photo showed Disick and Hamlin snuggling on a speedboat while wearing matching off-white sweaters.

In the caption, he said, “Hermès simply to swim.”

Hamlin added a heart and a fire emoji to his reply. She also shared the photo on Instagram Stories with the comment “I adore you!”

Late last year, Disick began dating the 20-year-old. The model has been spotted excursions with Disick and Penelope, as well as his and ex-wife Kourtney Kardashian’s older children, Mason, 11, and Reign, 6, in recent months.

Hamlin shared one of their bonding activities when commenting on Disick’s Instagram photo in honor of Penelope’s ninth birthday earlier this month.

She wrote, “Little peesh, happy birthday to the best facialist in town.”


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