Who Will Be the Next to Leave ‘Big Brother’ in 2021? Before the second double, Cookout has eviction plans.


Who Will Be the Next to Leave ‘Big Brother’ in 2021? Before the second double, Cookout has eviction plans.

The cast of “Big Brother” Season 23 is in for a surprise on Thursday when the CBS show broadcasts its second surprise double elimination episode, following a double eviction last week.

So, who will be the next to return home? It all hinges on who wins the race for Head of Household.

After the first elimination, in which Tiffany is likely to go to the jury, Xavier, Derek F., Azah, and Hannah/Tiffany will compete for the title of HOH. As the current HOH, Kyland will be compelled to withdraw from the competition.

If one of the two competing guys wins, they are likely to nominate Azah and Hannah/Tiffany as well as the remaining ladies in the house. The male houseguests want to be in the last three for a “gentlemen’s battle,” according to Big Brother Network.

When it comes to voting, Xavier stated on Monday that he believes Hannah should be the next to go following Tiffany because she poses a competitive danger. Hannah’s back appears to have become a bigger target as a result of Tiffany’s pleas to stay in the game.

If Azah wins, it appears she will do the remaining male houseguests’ bidding. Derek F. said on the live broadcast that he told Azah that if she wins HOH, she can’t nominate Kyland and instead should nominate himself and Hannah. However, Azah has stated in front of the cameras that she wants Tiffany to stay this week, so anything is conceivable in terms of her choices.

Hannah has made it plain that she believes Xavier and Kyland are her greatest dangers in the game if she were to win. On Tuesday, she told Derek F. about her plans to avoid putting him up for sale alongside Azah in favor of focusing on the male duo. Kyland, on the other hand, appears to be her main objective, as he refused to take any of her agreements throughout his time as HOH.

Tiffany has already announced her nomination plans if she choose to stay in the game. She told Azah on Tuesday that if they kept her around, she would “owe” both her and Xavier. She also stated that she would not pursue Derek F., implying that Kyland would be her next target.

Tiffany and Hannah will compete for the Power of Veto on Wednesday’s episode of “Big Brother.” Here’s where you can find out who won!

The second episode of “Big” features a double eviction. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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