While working on The Who’s ‘Tommy,’ Ann-Margret received 27 stitches.


While working on The Who’s ‘Tommy,’ Ann-Margret received 27 stitches.

Tommy, written by The Who, is one of the most well-known classic rock musicals of all time. It’s also one of Ann-most Margret’s well-known films. Tommy, on the other hand, took a toll on her in one scenario. Here’s why she needed 27 stitches while filming the movie.

Ann-thoughts Margret’s on working with the infamous director of The Who’s “Tommy”

Ann-work Margret’s on two light, bubbly musicals from the 1960s, Bye Bye Birdie and Viva Las Vegas, is possibly her most well-known. She did, however, appear in Tommy, a darker musical based on The Who’s concept album of the same name, in the 1970s. Ann-Margret plays Nora, the title character’s mother, in the film.

Ann-Margret stated she worked hard on the picture, often working seven days a week, in an interview with Interview Magazine. She also learnt all of the songs from the album in order to make the movie, including how to read sheet music. Despite what she had read about director Ken Russell, she found him to be a very nice and normal guy.

While introducing one of John Wayne’s films, Ann-Margret refused to call him “Duke.”

Why was Ann-Margret covered in blood in one scene?

She liked working with Russell, though she struggled with a scenario with beans. “I was basically going insane and whacking my way through these bubbles in the scene, and then I hit something,” she explained. “They had removed all of the glass and props, but they had overlooked the glass in the television set. So I slammed into that with a crash, and then pink began to form in the soap bubbles, resulting in 27 stitches.

“Then the Lycra catsuit I was wearing started shrinking, and I was covered in blood,” she said…. This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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