While stuck in LA traffic, Ben Affleck keeps his cool with Jennifer Lopez: report


While stuck in LA traffic, Ben Affleck keeps his cool with Jennifer Lopez: report

When Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were caught in traffic in Los Angeles, they were spotted.

The duo has been spending time together since their romance was revived recently. They’ve even been seen out and about with their kids.

Affleck and Lopez were pictured inside the actor’s automobile on Wednesday. The “Batman v Superman” star is seen behind the wheel, keeping his calm, while Lopez, who is sitting in the passenger seat, appears plainly irritated by the bumper-to-bumper traffic in the photo obtained by Page Six.

The netizens who saw the photo had different feelings about it. Some mocked it, claiming that the photographers who captured the photo were probably more irritated than the traffic.

“They were probably more irritated by the pap in the car next to them. Jerks. One person said, “Leave them alone.”

Another said, referring to the gridlock in Los Angeles, “Accept the things you can’t alter.”

Another user added, “Stalkers.”

It wasn’t the first time the couple’s personalities clashed, according to the site. When the two were in Miami in May, Lopez was caught meditating while Affleck smoked a cigarette nearby.

Lopez and Affleck have been spending more time together since they rekindled their relationship and she relocated to Los Angeles. They spent the last few weeks visiting Universal Studios with their children.

Affleck and Lopez were seen wandering through Universal Studios in Hollywood earlier this month. During the outing, they were joined by her 13-year-old twins Emme and Max, as well as his 9-year-old son Samuel.

The “Justice League” actor brought Emme and Samuel on another enjoyable excursion last week. The children were taken to Universal CityWalk at Universal City by the star of “Argo.” Seraphina, his 12-year-old daughter, joined them. However, Lopez, Max, and Violet, his 15-year-old daughter, were not present.

Jennifer Garner is a fan of her ex-new husband’s relationship with Lopez. Their blended family appears to get along swimmingly.

“J.Lo and Ben’s families get along beautifully, and they’re trying to take things slowly with their kids,” an unnamed source told Entertainment Tonight.


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