While on tour, the Jonas Brothers were once left “in the middle of nowhere.”


While on tour, the Jonas Brothers were once left “in the middle of nowhere.”

The Jonas Brothers rose to prominence as Disney Channel stars in the 2000s. The band grew in popularity and became one of the most well-known bands in the world.

Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas had a lot of interesting moments during their successful careers. Blood, a joint biography written by the brothers, covers various stories from their life. One recounts a moment when they were left “in the middle of nowhere” while on tour.

Initially, the Jonas Brothers had a terrible time touring.

The Jonas Brothers have performed all around the world, but it wasn’t always easy for them at first. According to an excerpt from Blood released by People, they fell into a lot of financial troubles while touring to promote their first single, “Mandy.”

“In Idaho, we took a job on Super Bowl Sunday at a bar that wouldn’t let anyone under the age of twenty-one in,” Kevin explained. “We had to wait in the bus until it was our turn to perform,” says one of the performers. Then we dashed in, played a set that everyone despised because we were responsible for the game’s sound being turned off, and then bolted.”

“In case it isn’t fully evident, these shows didn’t pay well, if they paid at all,” he continued.

The Jonas Brothers’ record label quit funding them at some point, and their father had to step in to help them fund their career.

Kevin noted, “This was no little expense, especially given he was paying for the entire band’s food, accommodation, and wages.” “We worked just as hard as before, but each new fan came at a price. Dad, on the other hand, never grumbled about it.”

The brothers got abandoned ‘in the middle of nowhere’ when a bus driver didn’t get his money

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