Which Hep Alien Members Played Instruments in Real Life on ‘Gilmore Girls’?


Which Hep Alien Members Played Instruments in Real Life on ‘Gilmore Girls’?

Hep Alien’s performances on Gilmore Girls are likely to be remembered by all fans of the program. Lane (Keiko Agena), Zack (Todd Lowe), Brian (John Cabrera), Dave (Adam Brody), and later Gil (Adam Brody) made up the imaginary band (Sebastian Bach). The rock band was well-liked in Stars Hollow and the surrounding areas, but was the music merely a part of the show? When the actors were cast in their musician parts, it turned out that they all had varied levels of real-life musical experience.

On set, Keiko Agena and John Cabrera picked up new skills.

Lane’s fans knew how much she adored her drums. That love found its way into Agena’s personal life only when she began acting on Gilmore Girls. When Lane began her onscreen drumming career, the star received lessons on set, and after gaining enough competence, Agena played the drums on set without the assistance of background players. Agena discussed her drumming skills and continued to play the drums after Gilmore Girls finished during an AMA session on Reddit in 2015. “I do play at my husband’s jam sessions on occasion,” she revealed.

Cabrera, on the other hand, came into Gilmore Girls with no prior experience as a bassist. He, too, took lessons from the show and learned enough to pass himself off as a musician. Someone off-camera, though, did play for him. Cabrera noted during the Gilmore Girls Fan Fest in 2016, as reported by Teen Vogue, “It’s hard to bass sync.”

Big Japan’s drummer was Adam Brody.

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