When Paul McCartney mentioned this song to Elvis Costello, he left the studio.


When Paul McCartney mentioned this song to Elvis Costello, he left the studio.

Although Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello collaborated on many songs, they did not always get along. Costello, for example, left the studio after Paul mentioned this classic hit. This is why Costello was so irritated.

While working on this song with Paul McCartney, Elvis Costello was “overly sensitive.”

According to The Washington Post, Paul and Costello collaborated on a song called “That Day Is Done” from Paul’s album Flowers in the Dirt. They had very different ideas about what the ballad should be. Costello wanted the ballad to feature brass instruments from New Orleans. Paul began to ponder other possibilities for the sound of “That Day Is Done.”

Paul gave some insight into the song’s creation. He revealed, “This is one of the rules of my game.” “Anything that comes into my head, I’ll say it. And if you don’t like it, just let me know, and I’ll most likely agree. But my approach is to get rid of a lot of stuff and pare it down.”

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Paul had a more modern vision for the song, saying it should resemble The Human League’s “Do You Want Me.” Costello reacted to Paul’s idea by leaving the studio. Costello revealed he was “overly sensitive” about the song because he was so attached to its lyrics.

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Subsequently, Paul discussed why he brought up The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me.” “Actually, he was really not a fan of The Human League,” Paul said. “I like ‘Don’t You Want Me.’ I think that’s, like, a classic pop record. . . . I can now see now that me even mentioning the words Human League would send him off in the wrong direction.”


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