When it comes to Fessy or CT, Jordan Wiseley knows exactly who he wants to go up against – ‘He’s a Dummy.’


When it comes to Fessy or CT, Jordan Wiseley knows exactly who he wants to go up against – ‘He’s a Dummy.’

Jordan Wiseley, the star of The Challenge, has won the MTV reality show three times since his initial participation in 2013. Since his appearance in season 35, Total Madness, he’s taken a sabbatical from the show.

He has, however, found time to interact with supporters on social media. He divulged a number of specifics in his most recent Q&A, including who he would face off against Fessy Shafaat and Chris “CT” Tamburello.

The star of ‘The Challenge’ reveals his show’s best friends.

Jordan has clashed with a handful of his castmates during his appearances on The Challenge throughout the years. He has, however, made some friends, dated a few co-stars, and even gotten engaged to one of them. Chris “Swaggy C” Williams is Jordan’s best friend from The Challenge, he informed his admirers.

“I talk to Swaggy the most, which is surprising,” Jordan remarked. “I stayed in touch with Zach [Nichols] a lot, and he keeps me up to date on everything, and he and Jenna have a baby on the way, so congrats to them.”

Jordan had almost forgotten about someone.

Frank Sweeney was also mentioned by Jordan. Even though they “fought like cats and dogs on The Challenge,” he claims they’ve always been “very, very close like brothers.” Georgia Harrison, Rogan O’Connor, Joss Mooney, and Kyle Christie are among his “overseas people,” according to him.

The Real World alum then joked that he almost “forgot” his War of the Worlds 2 co-star Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran, whom he keeps in touch with more than anyone else. Turbo hasn’t competed in The Challenge since he had a falling out with Jordan and wanted to fight him that season, as fans know.

CT Tamburello, according to the star of ‘The Challenge,’ is “the scariest dude.”

Jordan has had his share of challenges despite winning the competition three times. This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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