What will ‘Levelling Up’ mean for Liverpool, according to a survey?


What will ‘Levelling Up’ mean for Liverpool, according to a survey?

What do you think ‘Levelling Up’ means for Merseyside? It’s the Tory government’s favorite phrase, but what do you believe it means for Merseyside?

Almost every cabinet announcement or lobbying group press release these days includes the phrase devised by Boris Johnson’s advisers to express his desire to address regional inequalities.

Hundreds of ‘Levelling Up’ fringe events were held at the Conservative Party Press Conference last week, and it was a major theme in the prime minister’s speech.

However, despite its widespread use in Westminster politics, many argue that the phrase still has no meaning.

In Merseyside, we’re still waiting for policy details to see if ‘Levelling Up’ can actually transform lives – or if it will be the next ‘Big Society.’

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what ‘Leveling Up’ is, what it should be, and whether or not it will succeed.

To that aim, we’ve launched a poll in conjunction with The Northern Agenda newsletter to gather feedback from individuals all around the North. The questions will only take a few minutes to complete.

We’ll report on the survey’s findings in the coming weeks, and remember that you can stay up to speed on politics in the North by signing up for one of our newsletters.

With the publication of a Levelling Up white paper this autumn, the government is anticipated to provide additional specifics on how it will address regional inequality.

In the coming weeks, an announcement on the Northern Powerhouse Rail scheme, which would boost transpennine transit ties, is expected.


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