Wedding of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom postponed


The wedding plans of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are on hold for the time being. The reason is the coronavirus.

Actually, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom wanted to say “yes” to each other in the leading summer with 150 guests in Japan. But because of the coronavirus, the two stars, who are supposed to expect their first child, have to postpone their wedding, as “People” reports.

“Katy was so looking forward to walking down the aisle pregnant,” an insider told the US magazine. “They were both overjoyed that they had finally planned the details of their wedding, but because of the coronavirus they are now pressing the brake pedal.”

It was only on Thursday that Kary indirectly confirmed Perry was pregnant. “A lot will happen this summer. I will not only give birth literally, but I will also give birth to something metaphorically speaking that you are waiting for”, the singer said to the rumours. With her pregnancy, the 35-year-old also confirmed the release of a new album.


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