Was the New Hallmark Movie ‘You Had Me at Aloha’ Filmed in Hawaii?


Hallmark Channel is making its way to Hawaii. You Had Me at Aloha, the network’s latest romantic comedy, follows Paige (When Calls the Heart’s Pascale Hutton), who obtains a coveted job as the anchor of a famous travel show set in Hawaii. What is the catch? She is forced to work alongside a co-host named Ben (Hutton’s When Calls the Heart co-star Kavan Smith), who is the polar opposite of her. While the two initially clash, they gradually learn they complement one another, both on and off screen.

The filming of ‘You Had Me at Aloha’ took place on location in Hawaii.


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There is no alternative for the breathtaking beaches and awe-inspiring waterfalls of Hawaii. As a result, filmmakers flew to the islands to shoot the inaugural installment of this year’s ‘Summer Nights’ series. You Had Me at Aloha was fully shot on the island of Oahu.

“We have beaches, we have jungles, and we have waterfalls,” Hutton explained in a Hallmark Channel video.

“It could not have been better,” Smith said of filming in Hawaii.

According to Pascale Hutton, Hawaii is the ideal location for shooting a romantic comedy.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, Hawaii is an excellent choice. And, according to Hutton, there is no better location for shooting a romantic comedy than the United States’ tropical island state.

“Hawaii is the ideal location for a romantic comedy because it is the most breathtakingly beautiful place on Earth,” she explained.

‘You Had Me at Aloha’ displays breathtaking Hawaiian scenery.

Waimea Valley Falls on Oahu’s North Shore was used as a filming location for You Had Me at Aloha, which Hutton described as “beautiful.”

“One of the things I am most pleased about [with]this film is that we are able to highlight various locations throughout… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you enjoyed yourselves.


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