Was Adelfa Marr, Manny Montana’s wife, on ‘Good Girls’?


Was Adelfa Marr, Manny Montana’s wife, on ‘Good Girls’?

Good Girls began on NBC in February 2018. The show has grown in popularity since then, thanks to streaming and social media. Manny Montana, who plays Rio, is one of the show’s most talked-about characters. Rio made his employee, Beth Boland (Christina Hendricks), jealous in season 3 by using someone dear to the real-life actor’s heart.

Adelfa Marr, Manny Montana’s real wife, played his girlfriend on “Good Girls.”

Montana initially appears as Rio in Season 1 of Good Girls. Many viewers have turned in since then to watch his nasty remarks and aggressive acts toward Beth, Ruby (Retta), and Annie (Mae Whitman). Montana, on the other hand, has stated that he and Rio are very different in many aspects. Rio is a single father who has an on-again, off-again relationship with Beth, who is married. Montana, unlike his character, is happily married to Adelfa Marr.

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Marr and Montana collaborated on Good Girls in 2019. Rio’s love interest, Dylan, was played by the mental health advocate and life coach in season 2. Beth and the other ladies followed Rio after they had slept together and saw him kiss Dylan goodbye. Marr talked about the experience on Instagram after the program aired.

“What a lovely, wonderful, and memorable day I had with my incredibly gifted hubby. This is one for the record books. Even though I’m only here for a short time, I can’t express how much it meant to me to be a part of this with @lbmannymontana. @lbmannymontana, thank you for making me the happiest girl on the planet, and thank you @nbcgoodgirls for having me.”

Manny Montana and Adelfa Marr have been married for how long now?


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