Vin Diesel claims that his role in “Fast Five” with Paul Walker was “reversed” in real life.


Vin Diesel claims that his role in “Fast Five” with Paul Walker was “reversed” in real life.

Working together brought Vin Diesel and Paul Walker closer together. Although the Fast & Furious franchise has persisted, Diesel has made it a point to honor Walker’s legacy. He recently discussed how their Fast Five characters’ lives were inverted in real life.

In real life, Vin Diesel states his role in “Fast Five” alongside Paul Walker was “reversed.”

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Mia (Jordana Brewster) and Brian (Walker) break Dom (Diesel) out of a prison bus in Fast Five. They then steal a car that contains a microchip containing data about Reyes’ (Joaquim de Almeida) criminal empire. DSS Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) is in charge of bringing Dom and the other members of the group in. Mia ultimately reveals that she is expecting Brian’s child. Dom then behaves protectively over the pair, as one would expect from an elder brother.

Diesel recently spoke with Access about his genuine bond with Walker. According to the actor, he learned a lot from his co-star. “They may have looked up to me on set from the start, but I wasn’t a parent, and Pablo was,” he explained.

“So I leaned on him when I transitioned [to fatherhood],” Diesel continued. “He was my rock. He was the one that said- the irony is what the roles that we had and the scenes that we had that discussed fatherhood in Fast Five and throughout the franchise in real life were reversed.”

The actor added that connection led to him naming his youngest child Pauline. The actor now has three children. The other two are named Hania and Vincent.

Vin Diesel keeps in touch with Paul Walker’s daughter

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The actor has made sure to keep in touch with Walker’s family after he died in 2013. Walker has a daughter named Meadow, and Diesel is her godfather.

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