Victoria’s true age on Emmerdale has left fans stunned.


Victoria’s true age on Emmerdale has left fans stunned.

Victoria’s true age was revealed to Emmerdale viewers, who were taken aback.

The rope bridge that Charles, Manpreet, David, and Victoria were on shattered, plunging them into cold rapids.

Victoria did not have the same luck as Manpreet, David, and Charles, who were able to flee before the waterfalls.

Fans of Emmerdale point out glaring errors in the maze fire sequences.

Meena discovered her face down in the water and attempted to drown her before David and Ellis discovered her.

Ellis was able to resuscitate Victoria with CPR, but she was very ill.

Paramedics sought Victoria’s age as they rushed her to the hospital with David in tow.

David answered by revealing her age as 27 years old, surprising spectators who assumed she was much older.

“I’m not sure if I’m more amazed that she’s 27 or that she survived a waterfall, rocks, and drowning,” Samantha tweeted.

“I remember when Victoria was a ginger toddler,” Pete continued.

Ryan stated, ” “Victoria is 27 years old. I assumed she was in her early thirties.” Liam wrote on Twitter: “Victoria Sugden is 27 years old. I’m getting old.” “Did they really just call Victoria 27?” Dave wondered. Kyle stated, ” “27 years old?! She looked to be in her mid-thirties!”


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