Tyler Whitman’s ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ Revealed What NYC Was Like When It Reopened (Exclusive)


Tyler Whitman’s ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ Revealed What NYC Was Like When It Reopened (Exclusive)

Listing for a Million Dollars When the brokers returned to work, the producers in New York provided viewers a preview of what the city was like.

Tyler Whitman, on the other hand, pondered on the overall city feel and shared his impressions on what New York was like when it reopened. In August 2020, he said, “I feel like the real New Yorkers are here right now.” “Those who truly believe in it and realize that New York is the city that always pulls off the most spectacular comebacks. Don’t get me wrong: this is something from which we must make a major return. However, you may already detect a significant difference. It feels quite European because all of the restaurants are put up in the streets.”

In New York City, Tyler Whitman described an energizing atmosphere.

During the early days of the epidemic, New York City was the epicenter, and some New Yorkers grumbled that the city had slipped downward after many citizens fled. “However, when you’re walking down the street, it feels like there’s this type of unity,” he remarked. “But, honestly, real estate is very down and extremely tough right now, but there are a lot of purchasers who are being bold and recognizing that it is actually quite smart to take advantage of these very wonderful opportunities.”

When it came to in-person showings, brokers were seen having to change their techniques and find fresh ground. Whitman defined Covid procedures as strict, implying that only a small number of persons could examine properties at the same time. Ryan Serhant’s days of welcoming swarms of agents while dressed as a lion are long gone.

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Despite the challenges, Whitman claims that purchasing and selling has become easier as many sellers have come to terms with the reality of pricing. “Actually, I would say… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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