Twitter Reacts To Report That William and Kate Were Not Invited To The BBC’s Christmas Carol Concert


Twitter Reacts To Report That William and Kate Were Not Invited To The BBC’s Christmas Carol Concert

Due to an alleged feud between the royal family and the BBC, Prince William and Kate Middleton have reportedly dropped the BBC from covering the duchess’ upcoming event, and the move has elicited conflicting reactions from the public.

The Duchess of Cambridge will conduct a Christmas carol concert in Westminster Abbey in the coming weeks, and the BBC has been asked to cover the event. However, after the network published the first part of the documentary “The Princes And The Press” on Monday, there were some unexpected alterations. According to a source in The Times UK, Prince William and Middleton bypassed the BBC by choosing ITV to host the concert.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s charities, including NHS Charities Together, which finances mental health care for young people and counseling for NHS workers, will benefit from the Westminster Abbey carol concert.

The report has not to be confirmed by Kensington Palace or ITV. The International Business Times was also unable to confirm whether the concert was meant to air on the BBC or when ITV was awarded the rights to broadcast it.

Many Twitter users reacted positively to the claim, with many praising the royal couple’s alleged decision.

“It’s a win-win situation for the royals.”

It’s completely unjust to not allow them to comment and then have Meghan’s lawyer intervene.

One person said, “It’s completely one-sided.”

“The bottom conclusion is that the Royal Family’s reaction is unprecedented. Another remarked, “The BBC simply has itself to blame.”

“Good. The BBC has often broken the rules by undermining Royals. Why should William, Charles, and the Queen, who are all human beings, have no say when the BBC broadcasts unverified gossip? A third commenter wrote, “The’man’ who made this mockumentary is a notorious anti-royal.”

A different user demanded that the BBC be defunded. The user was perplexed as to why they were required to pay for their service even if they did not wish to watch the network.

Some, on the other hand, defended the network. According to reports, Middleton’s show was canceled owing to scheduling difficulties at the TV business. Others said that the BBC refused to broadcast it because Prince William’s Earthshot Prize did not draw a large audience.

“William and Kate really tried it lol, they got people thinking they were boycotting the BBC but the truth is that the BBC didn’t want Kate’s show due to’scheduling concerns,’ which is why her show is now on itv #Royals,” one tweeted.

“They [Prince William and Middleton] didn’t want her show to humiliate them.” The Washington Newsday Brief News is a daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.


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