TSA Agent ‘Inappropriately Touched’ Shawn Johnson At The Airport, She Reveals.


TSA Agent ‘Inappropriately Touched’ Shawn Johnson At The Airport, She Reveals.

Shawn Johnson claims she was groped at the airport by a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) official while traveling with breast milk. She said in a now-defunct Instagram Story that a TSA agent grabbed her improperly and publicly humiliated her before she boarded her flight.

In July, the Olympic gold winner and her husband Andrew East welcomed their second child, and she has been candid about her breastfeeding experience. On Oct. 10, she shared a terrible event she had with a TSA worker who reportedly grabbed her while she was passing through a security checkpoint with breast milk on her Instagram Stories.

She stated on her Instagram Story, “We as moms have a duty to our babies and a right in this world to bring breast milk through security.” “It was against my rights for you to publicly humiliate me in order to prove to you that it was breast milk.” It was excessive to be grabbed and shouted at in public. She said, “I know you were doing your job, but I was doing mine as well.”

“To the lady at the TSA checkpoint having a poor day, I’m genuinely sorry you’ve had a hard day but taking it out on me was needless,” she wrote in another Instagram Story, addressing the TSA agent directly. That was, without a doubt, one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had.” Johnson didn’t say when the event took place. She did, however, travel to Austin over the weekend, according to images on her Instagram account. She stated on Instagram Monday that she was having “the finest time” at the Austin City Limits Music Festival in Texas.

Meanwhile, a TSA spokeswoman explained the agency’s restrictions on bringing breast milk. “Of course, breast milk is authorized,” a spokesman told E! on Tuesday.

“We encourage travelers who are flying with breast milk or other important nutrients for their children, which is why we make our screening methods available on our website,” the representative stated.


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