Trey Parker’s ex-wife is the subject of a joke in an episode of “South Park” called “Ginger Kids.”


Trey Parker’s ex-wife is the subject of a joke in an episode of “South Park” called “Ginger Kids.”

Cartman on South Park despises almost anyone. He despises hippies, Scott Tenorman, and even his closest colleagues, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny. Cartman also revealed in a season 9 episode that he despises ginger men, who have red hair and freckles. Trey Parker, the co-creator of South Park, also poked fun at himself in the episode.

Parker and Matt Stone have commentaries for each episode on the South Park Season 9 DVD. Parker revealed a sly reference to his then-fiancee, Emma Sugiyama, in the song “Ginger Kids.”

Trey Parker used real-life phobias in this episode of ‘South Park.’

The episode “Ginger Kids” was inspired by a real commercial in England, according to Parker. Parker knew it would make a brilliant South Park episode because of that and his own phobias.

“We were doing press for the show in England when we spotted a billboard,” Parker said. “It said something along the lines of ‘Only you can stop ginger,’ and it had a happy little ginger girl on it. There is some validity to this. In some ways, I suppose I’m ginger phobic. I don’t have anything against them, but they do give me the creeps.”

Trey Parker’s fiancee was mentioned in an episode of ‘South Park.’

When he wrote “Ginger Kids,” Parker was engaged to his first wife, Emma Sugiyama. In 2008, they divorced. From 2014 to 2019, Parker was married to Boogie Tillmon, but was married to Sugiyama while recording the South Park Season 9 commentary in 2007.

“In reality, in this show, I make a reference to myself,” Parker explained. “When this show aired, I had just gotten engaged. The guy says to one of the kids, ‘The only way you can be sure you’re not going to have a ginger kid is to marry an Asian because then you probably won’t have a ginger kid.’ He’s referring to me and that’s exactly what I did.”

Parker joked that he ditched his previous girlfriend in favor of Sugiyama because of her ginger children.


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