Traders’ reactions to the move on the Birkenhead Market are varied.


Traders’ reactions to the move on the Birkenhead Market are varied.

Wirral Council’s vision for the future of Birkenhead Market has shifted considerably.

Throughout most of this year, the council has pushed for traders to temporarily relocate to St Werburghs Square in 2022, before a new permanent market is established near the town center.

The authority then reversed course and abandoned the St Werburghs Square plan two weeks ago, claiming that there would only be one shift to the new market, which was unlikely to happen before 2025.

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The suggested location for the permanent market has altered as a result of a discussion with market vendors last night.

Birkenhead Market is being relocated by the council to the former House of Fraser building, which has been vacant since the store closed in March 2020.

If approved, the transfer is scheduled to take place in about three years.

In the meanwhile, the present market will continue to operate normally.

Mark Davey, who manages the Games Portal stall at Birkenhead Market, told The Washington Newsday he was pleased with the council’s decision.

“It’s a good idea, and I’m optimistic,” he remarked. We have a good idea of what’s going on right now.

“They [the council]will demolish that site and construct the new market, and in the interim, they’ll attempt to promote here [the current market]more.”

“I believe they will try to work with traders more.”

Smith’s Coffee Pot owner Jackie Spraggett was likewise in favor of the House of Fraser transfer.

“What they’ve come up with is a terrific idea if they do what they claim they’ll do,” she remarked. It is hoped that this will benefit the market.

“They should also do something to make this market more welcoming, but I was never concerned; all I wanted to know was what was going on.”

“I believe traders are feeling more optimistic following yesterday night.”

David French, the chair of the Birkenhead Market Tenants Association and a merchant himself, welcomed the suggestion in a statement released this morning.

“We are delighted to be working with the council on a mutually acceptable solution for a new Birkenhead Market and look forward to jointly developing designs that will,” he said.”

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