Tori Spelling Talks About Her Daughter Stella’s First Modeling Job and Overcoming “Painful” Bullying


Tori Spelling Talks About Her Daughter Stella’s First Modeling Job and Overcoming “Painful” Bullying

Tori Spelling is the proud mother to Stella, her 13-year-old daughter.

Spelling shared a series of photos from Stella’s photoshoot with Petite ‘n Pretty for the beauty brand’s back-to-school ad on Instagram on Saturday. She described in her comment how the modeling job helped her daughter learn to love herself after she had been bullied since fifth grade at her Encino, California, school.

“How Stella regained her groove… “Thanks to @petitenpretty,” wrote the star of “Beverly Hills, 90210.” “Her very first modeling shoot as a teen.”

“Stella is a great human,” she continued. Always leads with kindness and has a golden heart. She’s creative and innovative, and she’s got a lot of fire in her belly. Which is why it was so terrible for me as a mother to see a young woman’s fire dull due to bullying.”

Spelling, who has five children with husband Dean McDermott, including Stella, went on to state that the guy who bullied her daughter and other girls in their class “wasn’t stopped.”

Instead, she remembers being thrown out of school for standing up for Stella.

The bully’s parents were on the school board and provided the school a large sum of money, according to Spelling, which “won out over the emotional care of the kids.”

The bullying eventually harmed Stella’s health, causing her to acquire migraines, stomachaches, and panic attacks, as well as “increased” asthma attacks, according to the “Troop Beverly Hills” star. Despite this, Spelling claimed her daughter’s desire and enthusiasm for baking, cooking, and crafting remained, adding that Stella intends to one day operate her own bakery.

Stella’s ambition of competing on “Master Chef” was nearly shattered, according to Spelling, because her school principal at the time denied her request to avoid class for the taping. Stella did compete, but she was not permitted to graduate with her long-time classmates.

“I agreed to do Master Chef in tears so Stella could do it. Stella, on the other hand, WON!! That day, I saw her confidence like I’d never seen it before! Her [fire emoji]had reappeared. That is the message we should be imparting to our students! To inspire our children to pursue their particular hobbies and succeed!” Spelling was the author.

“Unfortunately, principal followed through,” she continued. Stella would never be able to graduate with the rest of her class. I wish I’d had the courage to confront them! ‘Stella McDermott Graduates!’ from 90210 inspired me. But [tear emoji]I didn’t. “We triumphed in terms of power and money.”

Tori ended her post by thanking Petite ’n Pretty for having Stella. She also praised her. Washington Newsday Brief News.


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