Tom Hiddleston on the Marvel Cinematic Universe Moment that Has Haunted Him for Years


Tom Hiddleston on the Marvel Cinematic Universe Moment that Has Haunted Him for Years

Marvel Studios wanted as many fan-favorite characters as it could get in the early days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Imagine how happy the studio was when Tom Hiddleston’s Loki became such a hit. Thor: Love and Thunder fans can’t wait to see what it’ll be like without Loki. Perhaps this affection derives from a pivotal MCU moment from the beginning.

In 2011’s ‘Thor,’ Tom Hiddleston made his MCU debut as Loki.

Marvel Studios’ first significant objective in the build-up to 2012’s The Avengers was to win over moviegoers with the four key heroes. Iron Man was quickly followed by The Incredible Hulk. Iron Man 2 followed a few years later and was also a box office success. However, the next MCU film will put the franchise to the ultimate test. Thor (2011), starring Chris Hemsworth, elevated the series to new heights.

Hemsworth was previously most known for his role as George Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek film. Fans reacted positively to his portrayal of Thor. But it was Hiddleston’s performance as Loki that took everyone by surprise. The actor was famed for auditioning for the role of Thor but ended up playing the god of mischief instead. Over the next decade, he would reprise the character as both hero and villain in several more films.

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However, one scene from “The Avengers” stuck with the actor for years.

Loki’s deceptive and manipulative tendencies are highlighted throughout Thor. Loki eventually loses the battle, only to reappear in The Avengers as a more sinister power. The heroes, understandably, stop him from leading Thanos’ (Josh Brolin) Chitauri army to triumph. Hiddleston revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Hulk’s (Mark Ruffalo) beating of Loki was followed by him.

“I was wearing a piece of wire around my ankle, and there was a mat on the floor that was out of view, as well as three of the strongest… This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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