Tom Felton Opens Up About His Relationship With Emma Watson’s ‘Romantic’ Side


Tom Felton Opens Up About His Relationship With Emma Watson’s ‘Romantic’ Side

During the filming of the Harry Potter series, Emma Watson and Tom Felton formed an unbreakable relationship. Because they are so close, rumors of a love relationship between them have always circulated. In recent news, Felton made a dubious remark about their particular relationship.

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Emma Watson and her current partner are in a good relationship.

Watson is currently involved in a committed relationship with her partner, Leo Robinton. Because the Potter star has been sporting a gleaming new ring on her finger, rumors have been circulating the internet that they are engaged. However, the Beauty and the Beast actress claims that if she gets significant news regarding an engagement, she will inform her followers.

“Dear Fans,” she said on Twitter. “Rumors about whether I’m engaged or not, or whether my career is ‘dormant or not,’ are ways to generate clicks every time they’re proven to be true or false.”

“I swear I’ll let you know if I have any news,” she continued.

Watson, though, is entirely dedicated to her present lover, according to a source at Us Weekly.

The insider tells Us Weekly, “Emma is all in and has her heart set on a long-term future, but she doesn’t want to rush an engagement.” “She was irritated when people started speculating about an upcoming engagement, but it was really just a privacy issue.”

Tom Felton discusses his relationship with Emma Watson’s “romantic side.”

Tom Felton claims he adores Emma Watson, his Harry Potter co-star, and the two have been “close for a long time” since the two revealed their secret crushes.


June 5, 2021 — Daily Mail Celebrity (@DailyMailCeleb)

Was Tom Felton’s crush on Emma Watson mutual?

Felton was asked if he and Watson were ever “anything” in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Felton says, “We are something, if that makes any sense.” This is a condensed version of the narrative. I hope you found it entertaining.


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