To Honor Wounded Warrior Athletes, Prince Harry joins forces with US First Lady Jill Biden.


To Honor Wounded Warrior Athletes, Prince Harry joins forces with US First Lady Jill Biden.

The United Kingdom’s Prince Harry and the United States’ First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, have teamed up for a virtual event in honor of wounded warrior athletes who would have competed in the Warrior Games 2021.

The event was supposed to take place this week in Orlando, but it was postponed because to COVID-19.

Prince Harry told service personnel in a Zoom conference call on Monday that it was their help that prompted him to launch his paralympic-style Invictus Games. He informed them that the event “would never have been conceived” if “every single one of you, and your companions and families, and everything you’ve done in service to this country” hadn’t inspired him.

He went on to say that both the Warrior Games and the Invictus Games are vital and serve as ultimate reminders of service both at home and abroad. He explained, “It’s about the physical and emotional fitness of individuals who have given so much.”

“Seeing everyone here with pride on their faces makes me very pleased because I know how far you’ve come, the dark places you’ve been, and where you are now. Thank you for being an inspiration to us. Thank you for leading us in the right direction. You guys are leaders in every facet of your lives, both in the military and in your communities. He went on to say, “This community is as strong as ever, and that makes me tremendously proud.”

A year after attending the Warrior Games in Colorado in 2013, Prince Harry hosted his inaugural Invictus Games in London. Meanwhile, since participating in Joining Forces, a White House effort to support military and veteran families, survivors, and caregivers, the First Lady of the United States has been actively involved in the adapted sports community.

She spoke about her first meeting with Prince Harry at the Invictus Games’ opening and praised the Duke of Sussex for his commitment to “raising up service members from around the world” during the virtual conference.

The first Warrior Games were held in 2010 to honor the tenacity and commitment of wounded, injured, and ill US military personnel.


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