Three Times the Writers of ‘Sex and the City’ Actively Avoided Revealing Mr. Big’s Name


Three Times the Writers of ‘Sex and the City’ Actively Avoided Revealing Mr. Big’s Name

For the bulk of Sex and the City’s first run, it was a strategic decision not to give Mr. Big a genuine name. It was successful. The creators assured that Carrie Bradshaw’s leading man would retain his enigmatic charm by giving him a nickname. But it doesn’t mean it was always simple. During the first six seasons of Sex and the City, the writers had to come up with strategies to avoid using his name at least three times.

Why wasn’t Mr. Big given a genuine name during the first season of the show?

Mr. Big was first introduced to Sex and the City fans in the premiere episode. He would return in each season after that, appearing in 41 of the show’s 94 episodes. He remained nameless for the majority of the series, but there was a reason for it. Mr. Big was designed to represent the highest crust of society. He was enigmatic and secretive. Writers ensured he remained anonymous by not providing him an actual name. Was Mr. Big Really That ‘Horrible’ To Carrie in ‘Sex and the City’?

Mr. Big’s relationship with Carrie was also emphasized by not giving him a proper name. The writers tried to show that Mr. Big was never real with Carrie by never mentioning his name. He was a colossal, over-the-top figure who never disclosed his genuine self to her. At the very least, not until the last possible time.

Mr. Big’s real name had to be avoided three times by the Sex and the City writers.

At least three times during the run of Sex and the City, the show’s creators purposefully concealed Mr. Big’s real name. When Carrie discovered Mr. Big had previously been married, she contacted his ex-wife under false pretenses. Carrie said she wasn’t seeing anyone special when Barbara asked if she was seeing anyone.


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